The Economics of Going Solar

The most attractive feature that drove me to go solar is the projected savings on my utility bills. Indeed, my discussions with many associates and indepth research on the web had convinced me that my electricity bills would drop drastically. I especially liked the fact that I would finally be free of the vagaries of the utility company that kept raising the prices as and when they wished!

solar tax credit

And the icing on my lovely cake was that I could boast to all and sundry about how I am now doing my bit to reduce my carbon emissions and protect the environment.

I was all set on the solar project and contacted Plug It In Solar for a free quote. It was during the planning and financing discussions that the team told me about the various federal, state and local rebates, grants and solar tax credits that I would be entitled to!

This was news to me and I was elated to realize that this will substantially reduce my costs of going solar. The deal got even sweeter when the team further informed me that I can actually sell back the unused solar energy to my utility company and get paid in return!

The technicians were skilled, committed and did a great solar panel installation job on my roof. Moreover, they even helped me identify, be eligible for and exploit all the federal, state and local rebates, grants and solar tax credit!

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