Attractive Referral Program at Plug It In Solar

I recently made the switch to the most economical and eco-friendly form of energy by getting a set of solar panels installed on the roof. The team of technicians from Plug It In Solar did a good job – right from providing the best solar panels at reasonable prices to efficient installation – and I am not just able to enjoy continuous power supply, but the excess is even pumped back into the grid.

You can easily guess that now I just cannot stop gushing about how I am tapping the natural energy which keeps my home warm and yet the utility bills very low!

As expected, a lot of people keep expressing interest in becoming environment-conscious and more and more even kept calling me with serious intentions.

I happened to be speaking to a technician from the company over a feedback call and perkily mentioned the constant inquiries from interested people. I was pleasantly surprised to be informed that the solar panel installer actually has an attractive referral program in place with attractive cash incentives up to $1000.

Since then, I have referred numerous friends, family members, colleagues and even neighbors to Plug It In Solar. And the company has duly recognized my efforts with ample monetary awards for every successful referral.

Indeed, Plug It In Solar is the best solar company in more ways than one!

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