Effect of Solar Panels on Property Values

plugitinsolar1 copyThe growing numbers of solar panels visible on roofs around me stand testimony to the growing popularity of solar power for achieving energy efficiency. While my neighbors cannot stop propounding the umpteen benefits of going solar, the unsightly solar panels plastered on their roofs have kept me from going the same route.

I was actually under the notion that the solar panels not only detract from the curb appeal of the house but also push down its market value. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard from people that they actually find houses that can generate their own electricity much more attractive! And they are even willing to pay more for a house that comes with solar panels installed.

I immediately got the wheels rolling for switching to solar energy and contacted my local solar panel installation company, Plug It In Solar at Plugitinsolar.com. The 5 copytechnicians devised a feasible plan and suggested sound options for solar panels. They did a good job and the solar panels actually look aesthetically pleasing as well!

Now I am able to generate eco-friendly energy in my house, my utility bills have almost bottomed out and I can rest assured that the property will still fetch well whenever I put it on the market. What more can a guy ask for?

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