Buying Solar Panels Made Easy

Switching to solar power is a simple decision, but wading through the logistics can get quite overwhelming. For instance, I was totally flummoxed about which solar panels to actually buy!

When doing the rounds of solar companies, I was faced by perplexing questions such as – did I want monocrystalline silicon panels or would polycrystalline ones do. While the consultants did explain that the former were smaller and more efficient and the latter were cheaper on the pocket, I was unable to make any proper judgment. Some even suggested I go for interdigitated back contact solar cells, further adding to the confusion. The varying watt ratings, durability metrics and performance efficiencies left me totally bewildered about how to proceed.

To add to this, friends and neighbors kept suggesting that I should not fail to check the certifications, power ratings and warranties offered by the solar panel companies before making any decision.


Left in a panic, I was almost ready to back out from making the switch. It was true luck that I chanced upon the Los Angeles solar panel installers, Plug It In Solar. The company not only stocks a complete range of latest, advanced and energy reliable solar panel brands, but also made it a point to guide me in assessing the production capacity, space efficiency, reliability and cost efficiency of the diverse offerings.

The staff walked me through various system design options and the potential benefits of each. Furthermore, they were with me every step of the way –diligently taking care of not just the site assessment, engineering, permissions and installation, but also assisting with the rebate processing and ongoing maintenance.

Need I ask for anymore?

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